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06/06/2016 – Maureen Geiser - Pittsford

I was completely satisfied with Annie's work! She performed the work I requested and made helpful suggestions. The whole house was clean and well organized - and safe for my friend to return - when Annie was done. The cat smell is gone! The work was done in a timely fashion. Very thorough. I had dreaded going to the house before hiring Annie but she made it shine! I would not hesitate to use Annie's services again or to recommend her to my friends.

Description of work:

I hired Annie to clean and organize a friend's house. The friend is elderly and had taken a series of falls. She was never the tidiest person and had let the housekeeping go completely when she became ill. She had also had cats and there was an odor problem from them. The house was truly a disaster. Annie cleaned up the large amount of junk that had accumulated, organized closets and cupboards, scrubbed the kitchen, bathrooms and floors, straightened the garage and even made the bed.

02/24/2016 – Donna Stein - Fairport

Ann listened to what my daughter needed done and did an amazing job. My daughter raved about

how bright and clean everything is and will definitely have Ann back again in the near future. I would

highly recommend Annie at Your Service.

7/26/2016 - Jennifer D – Santa Monica, CA

Impeccable, professional, and personable service. Annie and her team have helped me and my family immensely.

5/20/2016 – Ashley B - Fairport

I contacted Annie and she responded immediately. She did a quote on a Tuesday and came on a Friday and did an amazing job. Our place was disgusting and now it looks better than ever. Thank you to Annie & her team!

8/8/2015 – Virginia K - Fairport

Our household has happily been enjoying Annie's services since we moved to our new home in Fairport in 2012. Annie does/has done a little bit of everything for us (house cleaning, weeding, gardening, garage cleaning, special projects, odd projects, ebay selling and even childcare services). Annie and her team members are trustworthy, honest, consistent and, of course, they do truly impeccable work. Like the other reviewer mentioned --Annie is very observant of any special requests we may have...such as using natural cleaners in our home. Annie and those of her employees who have done work at our home have been consistent and thorough. It has been worthwhile (and wonderful) to have reliable help in our home for the past 3 years. We are very appreciative and glad that we found Annie. With Annie's services, we never worry if something will get done correctly. If I had to sum up Annie and her employees in a nutshell, I'd say that good old-fashioned values are at the heart of her business--genuineness, hard work and commitment. She and her team work hard and ensure great results for us in everything we ask them to do. We know that if we task Annie with a job--any job we can think of--she and her team will handle it.

7/29/2015 – Kate B - Pittsford

I have been using Annie at Your Service for my house cleaning for over two years. I have had nothing but great experiences with Annie and all the lovely ladies who work for her. They are priced about the same as other cleaners in the area (I shopped around when I was looking).

They are friendly, flexible and do a great job cleaning. Annie is great with any requests (Do you want them to only use your special non-toxic cleaning supplies that you bought at the International Space Station? Need to change days and times? No problem!) She always responds to texts, emails and phone calls in a timely manner. If there are ever any problems Annie makes sure to address them - just ask!

8/11/2015 – Lydia H - Fairport

We have been using Annie at Your Service for our house cleaning for about 3 years. Annie and her team have helped us out in so many ways and we are so thankful that we found her. Not only do we use Annie for our house, we also use Annie for our business. Our whole family uses Annie! Annie and her team have always been there for anything we need. Annie and her team are friendly, reliable, trustworthy and great to work with. They are willing to take on anything we ask and always do an amazing job and we never have to worry about it not being done correctly!

Amazon Home Services Reviews:

1/3/17 The house looks great, and the staff was friendly and professional.

11/23/16 Nicole did a great job; thank you!

11/9/16 Great job! Would definitely recommend or use again.

11/4/16 Nicole and Courtney did a great job getting my house in shape, I would definitely use this company again. Your Response: Thank You Bridget! Call me anytime. Annie

8/8/16 Annie is great at communicating clearly & promptly answered a few questions I had. The two cleaners she sent were very good, easy to work with and flexible to do the cleaning jobs that were a priority for me.

2/18/16 Slight miscommunication about date of service. Amazon email said Thursday but seller email said Wednesday. Service provided was excellent and professional.

12/28/15 I was very happy with the service, my bathrooms sparkled and the girls were very pleasant.

12/2/15 The hard work and attention to detail and thoroughness exceeded my expectations. I would definitely recommend! 

Pennsylvania Reviews

Jul 22, 2009

Annie has cleaned my house for the past 4 months and she does an excellent job. She's very reliable. It feels good to come home from work to a clean house. I would have no reservations providing a reference for Annie.

Sharon W. from Seven Fields

July 23, 2009

Ann Farron has taken care of our two cats many times when we have been away from home. She has also done light cleaning for us so that we can come home to a clean, orderly house. We have always found her to be very reliable, not only in the above mentioned tasks, but also in taking care of our plants and in bringing in mail and newspapers and taking out the trash for pick-up. She does a thorough job and goes the extra mile when necessary, such as taking care of an ant problem that developed while we were away. We feel confident about leaving our house and pets in Ann's capable hands.

Carol and John Ferry from Seven Fields

July 28, 2009

I can't say enough great things about Annie. She has been such a wonderful person to have in our home. We have been through many cleaners and I can truly say that Annie is the best. She is extremely thorough, hard working, reliable and honest. She has done everything for us from cleaning to organizing closets to yard work (and much more) and we have always been very happy with the results. We have also had Annie watch our three year old and one year old. It is very hard to find someone you feel confident leaving your children with, but I have been so happy with Annie. She is very comfortable with children and they love her. She is very attentive and patient and always kind. I would recommend Annie highly, as she has been a tremendous help to us.

Kim S. from Gibsonia

Oct 11, 2011

Hi Annie,

Congrats on selling the house! You must be so excited to move. Good luck with everything. It has been a pleasure knowing you and I have been thrilled with the work you've done in my house. You helped make being a working parent doable!

Thank you again!


Nov 12, 2011

Annie cleaned our new house for us before we even moved in. So we feel

like she's part of our lives here. She has been a great cleaner and

has always set extremely high standards for the people who work for

her. But she has also been so much more: problem solver, personal

assistant, and caretaker. We have an unusual house, and an unusual

schedule. She helped us figure out how to take care of the house

(flagstone floors, cherry wood walls, etc.) and how to manage our

schedules (watching over the property, plants, paper work, etc. when

we were away). We don't know what we'll do without her!

Ed and Lia

Bradford Woods, Pa

Nov 13, 2011

I came across Annie’s website almost 2 years ago and it was one of the best internet finds I have come across in a long time. She is such nice person, her cleaning abilities are impeccable, the individuals that she selects to help her with the service have the high standards that she has always possessed. I cannot express enough the incredible feeling of walking into my house after a long day at work, the clean smell, the vacuum marks in the carpet, the relief that my house is clean, and done right! I am so fortunate to have found Annie, she will be missed along with the care she puts into all of her jobs.

Erin from Mars, PA

Nov 13, 2011

Annie, we wish you well in your move to New York state.

We have appreciated the cleaning services you have provided. We found you and your employees were very efficient, trustworthy and reliable. We would recommend you to anyone seeking your services for home cleaning. You may use us as a reference.

You all will be missed in the neighborhood.

Betty & Fred Abdon

Seven Fields, Pa

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