Annie At Your Service LLC - Cleaning, Organizing and Pet Care  - Affordable & Reliable House Cleaning Services, Fairport, NY
Other Services Offered
Clothes Closets and drawers
Kitchen cabinets, Pantry, Laundry Room
Linen Closets
Pet Care
Will come to your home and feed and water your pets
Take them for walks
Clean up their messes
Play with them and give them loving care and attention.
House Sitting
Collect mail and papers
Water plants
Turn on/off lights and adjust binds and drapes
Put out trash and recycling
Pet care
Waiting service 

Vacation Planning - Cruises
Will research and find the best vacation deal for your dollars
Make all reservations, hotel, air, car, excursions and tours, dinners...etc
Errands and Shopping
Drop off / Pick up Dry cleaning
Grocery Shopping
Gift Shopping
Prescription pick up
Gardening and Yard Work
Will pull weeds from your flower beds
Plant flowers and vegetables
Rake leaves
Pick up branches and other yard debris
Put down mulch
Trim and prune bushes

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