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Cleaning - If it's not on my list just ask
Normal clean:
Dust door frames, window frames and blinds
Dust pictures and shelves
Dust and polish furniture surfaces
Dust electronic surfaces
Dust mantel
Dust light fixtures and ceiling fans
Clean glass furniture surfaces
Clean mirrors and switch plates
Wipe Cabinets
Clean and shine counters, sinks and fixtures
Clean Appliance Surfaces including stove burners and knobs
Clean inside of microwave
Clean shower and tub
Clean and disinfect toilet - inside and out
Wipe Smudges, Fingerprints & Food from walls and windows
Wipe window sills
Wipe Baseboards
Vacuum and mop tile and linoleum floors
Vacuum, damp mop and shine hardwood floors
Vacuum carpet around furniture
Empty trash
Make beds
Extra clean includes everything under Normal clean Plus any/all of the following:
Clean inside of and on top of Refrigerator
Clean oven
Load / Empty Dishwasher
Polish Silver
Organize and clean inside of cabinets, closets and drawers
Wash windows and blinds
Wash walls
Move furniture to vacuum, dust and clean behind
Change and wash sheets and towels
Other laundry 
Vacuum couch and chair surfaces and  under cushions

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